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Bought this at the SQDC a few times now. They classify it as "hybrid" but it feels like a Sativa to me, still very good though. I smoke spliffs mixed with 15% tobacco. Tastes good and high is very uplifting/energetic. It's $10/g at the SQDC, which feels like a lot, but worth it if the only other "Sativa" they have in stock is Sierra ;)
This is always in stock at the SQDC, in 3.5s at around $28. Funny how it's classified here; the SQDC call it a Sativa/heavy THC... I smoke spliffs mixed with tobacco. Buds I got were nice looking, mid sized but very dry, taste is pretty bland. The clerk at the SQDC said it was equivalent to Great White Shark which is not the case, GWS tastes great, has a unique citrus hint to it while this just tastes like bad indoor. My experience was very average, but I'm a heavy smoker and this being classified at the SQ as sativa (and it's usually the only sativa in stock) makes me feel a bit duped.