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So ordering this seems to be like a surprise bag. Whatever the strain of the month is. Wish they would specify. I got some nice stuff once, fruity, 18+% thc... pretty damn good. can't put my finger on what it is. give it a 4. Second time, something purple, very much like mint. 14% thc. not my favorite. give it a 3.3 third time, recently, something a little more earthy. 18+% thc. haven't tried it. but it looks nice...
Buds were 'mehhh' nice smoke nice aroma soft and sleepy
Super dry. Harsh. Hardly any aroma. Rest is nothing to write home about.
Only Aurora product i got to try, but totally agree with the other reviews.. earthy, beautiful to look at.
This was one of my favs. Love the stank cheese smell, nice round buzz. i just kept going back to the container to breathe it.. so nice. Not for everyone for sure.