Different strains grow either dense buds or aired out buds (fluffy). This quality can be strain specific (indica’s tend to be more dense whereas sativa’s tend to be more fluffy) but can also vary based on growing techniques. Usually a matter of personal preference, it may also indicate deficiencies in the growth process.


This is where cannabis’ active ingredients are. An abundance of resin usualy indicates a stronger product, and the absence of resin usually indicates a weaker product.


Trichomes is the name given to the individual resin glands. Their colour indicates le ripeness of the plant at harvest time. A plant that is harvested early will have clear trichomes. As the plant ripens the trichomes go from milky to amber. Clear trichomes are reputed to produce a more stimulating effect, whereas amber trichomes tend to produce a more sedative effect.


During harvesting, the buds are trimmed to remove the leaves that protrude from the flowers. Usually the leaves are trimmed close to the flower, leaving the bud free of foliage. At times the trim can be ‘« looser » and leaves are visible on the bud. A well trimmed flower will be devoid of leaves and should have a more pronounced effect and a lighter flavour.


The moisture levels are a function of the drying process. A cannabis that is to moist will deteriorate more rapidly, but the smoke will be smoother. A cannabis that is to dry will have a longer shelf life, but will also have a much harsher smoke